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Your travelers may not always notice our cleaning teams working hard across the airport, but they will certainly notice their gleaming work. Our subtlety, however, doesn’t mean we’re any less meticulous about how we look. If anything, we take great pride in our appearance and that of our cleaning equipment. We understand that we are representatives of your facility. Should a traveler have a question or a need, we’re always willing to step up. That’s why every aspect of our intense training also includes customer service techniques.

Besides maintaining floors and surfaces, our team is also always ready to respond to emergencies and immediate needs. In fact, our response times are measured in minutes, if not seconds. All our systems are also customized to meet the demands of TSA and other security agencies, without interrupting their essential functions

Green Cleaning Approach

Progress should never get in the way of profit. The Green Wall barricade system keeps traffic and business flowing smoothly, safely and efficiently.
As an industry leader, Service Management Systems is required to constantly think ahead. So, rather than wait for the next new barricade system to come along, we stepped up and designed a plan of our own. After rounds of careful fine-tuning, what resulted was an exclusive system that’s simple and quick to install, much more affordable and even environmentally friendly.

Good for the Environment

Because traditional barricades are constructed from sheet metal frames and sheetrock, they inevitably end up in landfills when damaged or no longer needed. Green Wall, however, is made of materials that can be reused and easily repaired.
Recyclable vinyl panels
Reusable doors and corners
Adjustable and reusable braces
Reusable sheet metal "U" channels

Good for Business

Besides leaving a lighter mark on the environment, Green Wall offers a number of other benefits that are equally rewarding.
On-site warehousing options and multiple distribution sites allow for quicker response times.
The tongue & groove system is seamless and easy to install. In fact, a two-person team can assemble a 100-foot wall in just 4 hours.
The system’s reversible panels and rounded corners are ideal for painting or graphics.
We offer a graphics application option, allowing you to hand over the entire project, from start to finish.
Green Wall can be used indoor or outdoor, making it ideal for lifestyle centers